On the morning of Sunday 21 June , in the wake of the summer solstice , the Sun, Moon and Earth will line up giving life to a spectacular rare total annular solar eclipse visible in most of the world, while from Italy it will be seen partial.

It will not be a total solar eclipse since the Moon, too far in its orbit of the Earth to completely cover the Sun, leaves its edges uncovered, making a ring of fire appear in the sky . Here are the useful info for those who want to see the eclipse from Italy: what time does it start , when it reaches the maximum peak, how to watch it and photograph it with a smartphone.

Solar eclipse June 21: what time in Italy
The route annular solar eclipse the door across Africa, Central Asia and the Sed-East Asia, while southern Europe – including Italy – you will only see a partial eclipse, always provided that the weather conditions the allow.

According to the Time and Date site , these are the start times , maximum peak, duration and end of the June 21 eclipse from Italy:

The entire eclipse will last about 4 hours , but the passage on the individual positions will be very short, equal to about 1 minute and a half , and during the peak only 30 seconds.

Although this is not a total solar eclipse, it is still necessary to look at it by taking the appropriate precautions. NASA warns that the Sun is too bright to be stared at with the naked eye, without protection, and there is a risk of damage to the retina. For those who use telescopes, binoculars or cameras it is therefore necessary to put a solar filter to be placed at the end of the lens. For those who want to look directly at it, specific glasses for eclipses are needed (rectangular ones, made of cardboard), to be put on top of prescription glasses as well.